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Everything you want to know about the Jean-Bart

Since December 1992, a crazy journey has taken its course.
In December 2002, the full-size construction of a XVIIth -century 1st-rate vessel has begun, as part of a historical park located in Gravelines, between Dunkirk and Calais (North, 59). All with the exact same conditions as it was during that period.
20 years will be necessary to finally see the end of the construction of this maritime monument. You are already invited to visit the construction site as well as the attractions that are gradually put together around this fabulous journey within the history of the builders and of the navigation.
Length: 187 feet from the forefoot to the sternpost
Width: 49 feet
Height: 55 feet to the forecastle
Draught: 19 feet
Gauge: 1400 barrels
Armed with 84 cannons (1st-rate vessel)
Construction: around 1800 m3 of oak (3600 oaks)
Crew: around 700 members on board