Association TOURVILLE

The traditional village

The construction and the attractions around are meant to eventually be a part of the main attraction of a traditional village where the atmosphere of old crafts (carpenters, joiners, sculptors, blacksmiths…) that were necessary for the construction of the Sun King’s big ships. Gradually, this traditional village will be melt into a historical park about the privateers and Louis XIV’s navy.


The tracing slab

The tracing slab allows the naval carpenters to trace on the ground the full-size working drawing of the piece to create before they create the template that will serve to shape the final architectural piece.



The sculpture

The forge

This activity is gradually developing in the workshop where you can already see: the realisation of the figurehead of the Jean-Bart at scale 1/15 in the shape of a dolphin, a model of a foundry for cannons, a full-size model of a 36-calibre cannon.
The assembly of the ship structures are realised by mean of nails and dowels of big dimension, thus it was necessary to build a forge to create these metallic elements directly on site, using the XVIIth -century methods.

Jean-Bart's shop

This shop offers Jean-Bart's by-products (Les Cuisinés du Jean-Bart, la Brasée du Jean-Bart, la Cuvée du Jean-Bart, etc.) that are developed and commercialised by our commercial branch “Tourville Développement”.

In process: the "smokery"


In order to use all the chips and the sawdust that come from the construction of the ship, a smokery will soon be opened to smoke fish using the traditional methods.
The bakery...