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The region chosen to receive the project Tourville quite obviously had to have a historical legitimacy: it had to correspond to a place where this type of ship could have been built in the XVIIth century. Under Louis XIV, five big arsenals, Toulon, Rochefort, Brest, Le Havre and Dunkirk, were meant to be used for the construction of war vessels for the kingdom. Dunkirk’s littoral, facing England and Holland, occupied a strategically important place and was the focus of Louis XIV who entrusted the engineers Vauban and De Combes with the development of Dunkirk’s arsenal as well as the fortified places of Gravelines and Bergues.

Exhibition: “The privateers and Louis XIV’s navy”

The Association Tourville invites you to a journey through the XVIIth century alongside the Privateers and Louis XIV's navy. You will dive into:

- the Privateers' saga through Jean Bart's life,
- the great battles that marked Louis XIV's navy,
- the art of naval decoration,
- Colbert's album (1670), written testimony of the construction of one of the biggest ships of Sun King's navy. Videos and buildings presenting life on board of these 17th-century ships complete this exhibition.