Association TOURVILLE

The construction site of the Jean-Bart

Installation on site

The construction of this full-size naval monument began at the end of year 2002 (year of the tercentenary of Jean Bart’s death) on a private land arranged for this purpose along the historical port of Gravelines.

Wood for the construction

In order to provide centuries-old oaks with nonstandard dimensions, a partnership with the French National Forestry Commission (Picardy agency) was developed. Once spotted, the trees that are adapted to the construction of the Jean-Bart are felled and, after validation, are sent to a sawmill in Leisele (Belgium) to be squared off on two faces and transported to Tourville’s construction site to be shaped.

Evolution of the construction

The assembly of the first pieces of the keel happened in April 2003 with parts of four centuries-old oaks coming from Mormal’s woods (region of Maubeuge).
Since then, the construction of the Jean-Bart has evolved from 2005 to 2012 with the shaping and the assembly of new structures including the most extraordinary ones (the bow is 39 feet high, the sternpost is 36 feet high and the stern castle with its 55-foot-high extensions) helped the ship move forward to its third dimension. The year 2012 focused on the shaping and the assembly of a dozen of main frames (constituted of knees and a first extension) in the midship, thus giving a preview of its width (49 feet).