Association TOURVILLE

The welfare-to-work programme

In July 2005, a partnership between the Departmental Council of the North and the AGIR association (association for professional insertion in Gravelines) was created in order to contribute to the financing of a place of professional naval carpenter who was to lead a welfare-to-work programme on the construction site for 12 to 15 beneficiaries of the Jobseeker's Allowance.
It started in March 2006 with the reception of the trainees sent by AGIR. The selection is made step by step because the people hired have to accept the work that is given to them and also have to correspond to the profile wanted. Thus far, four people are in reinsertion (for 1 to 2 years) on Tourville's site. For these trainees it means learning a craft and finding a job, all in an economic logic linked to a social dimension. Additionally, we created our first future-oriented job for a youth who succeeded in a first insertion programme on the site.